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Updating of Contact Information
Term 3 Week 1

Temperature-Taking Exercise
2 July 2015

NRIC Registration for 15-year old
14 July 2015

Latest News

Direct-School Admission (DSA) 2015

DSA applications start on 11 May 2015 (and will close on 3 July 2015)

Students interested in joining Jurongville Secondary School can apply via the Direct School Admission Exercise.


News on DSA - 直接收生计划 My Paper 12 May 2015

Temperature-Taking Exercise

There will be a temperature-taking exercise on 2nd July, Thursday. Students are reminded to bring a working thermometer for the exercise.

Update of Contact Information

The school will be conducting updating of contact information in Term 3 Week 1. If you have made changes to your contact information, please inform the General Office or update your particulars through the Class Mentors. 

Travel Declaration

To ensure the wellbeing of our students, we would like to seek your help to inform us if your child had travelled to South Korea or to the Middle East during the June vacation. We would appreciate it you could provide us with the information through the school portal at the following URL: https://www.jvscloud.edu.sg/users/login